Student Loans & Scholarships

Every year thousands of students wish to go abroad to pursue a professional degree in whatever field they are in. Lots of universities offer handsome scholarships to fulfill their goals. Apart from this student loan is the other way you can choose to get your dreams to come true.If you are one of them and searching where to start from, no worries we'll guide you. A student loan helps out the students to bear the expense of their studies. However, the type of loan depends upon your financial needs.Here we've penned down the things that you should know to plan your loan smartly.

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How to Search for Scholarships and Student Loans?

It always sounds nothing but difficult to get a scholarship or a loan. It is not hard as it seems as all you need is to do the right research for the best opportunities. Search and look at which one of them can match your goals and give you with the best deal. 

For your convenience, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips for you to conduct good research on scholarships and student loans.

  • When searching on the internet, use proper keywords relevant to your field for having the best response. 
  • Look for organizations/universities that offer scholarships in your field like medical scholarships in the US. 
  • Look for more researched regions/countries for organizing student funding. 
  • Be careful about the eligibility criteria and deadlines.  
  • Make sure to search and evaluate every single opportunity before time so that you can hop on the best one. 

Fully-funded Scholarships for the year 2022 in the US

Thorough research helps you in many ways like opening doors from better to best opportunities. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship you must go to the top-ranked universities. Graduating from a reputable university will add worth to your future. 

Now, you don’t need to spend hours doing research, we have all done it for you. Go through the list of universities that offer fully-funded scholarships and you have the opportunity to get them in 2022. 

  1. USA Fulbright Scholarship

These Scholarships are fully funded for overseas students. The programs that they offer include only Master’s and Ph.D. studies. Fulbright USA scholarships give students the full tuition fee covering, a stipend for living, full housing fee, airfare, and healthcare security. 

  1. UGRAD Scholarships 

If you are already studying in your country and want to freeze a semester to study abroad, UGRAD facilitates this. This is the global semester exchange program that offers the opportunity to study in any university in the US. This scholarship bears international travel expenses, gives a little amount of monthly stipend, and gives medical security as well. 

  1. Reach Oxford Scholarship

Many Oxford colleges propose Reach Oxford Scholarships to international students who can’t pursue their degrees in their own countries. These scholarships include university fees, study expenditures, an allowance for living costs, and one return air ticket per year.

Let’s see the other way you can continue chasing your dreams of studying in a foreign university. 

Points to Look for Before Applying for a Loan 

Studying abroad indeed, will be the best investment that you’ll make for yourself. However, going through a thoughtful process would be better to plan your financial aid.

Buying a loan is not a problem, instead, it overcomes the hurdles. But it will be really helpful if you analyze what you are going to do. So, down below is the list of facets that you’ve to look for before applying for a loan. 

  • Evaluate which field of study you want to opt for and how much it will cost you. 
  • Then estimate how much financial aid you’ll need in the future while keeping the needs basic and necessary. 
  • Research about different types of loans including private and federal loans. 
  • Ask questions as much as you want from the lenders to get yourself clear ideas about each step. 
  • After going through a number of them, compare and contrast their pros and cons. 
  • Make a list and go through it carefully and eventually pick what attracts your needs more. 
  • Last but not least, calculate the amount beforehand that you’ll have to pay. It will be a smart move to avoid future anxiety after graduating. 

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Best Loan Options for students in 2022

Thinking about how you can make an international living to earn a degree? Stop thinking and now look at what we have brought for you. International students can have an array of options to pick a loan that can fulfill their requirements. Here we’ve listed down the best international student loans to help you to sort out the best one.

MPOWER Financing 

MPOWER Financing provides student loans to international undergraduate and graduate students for two years. The best part of this scheme is that their program used to get approved in about 350 schools in the US.

Another appealing feature of MPOWER for borrowers is that it gives the loan without the presence of a co-signer and grants access to free Visa support and other scholarship opportunities.

Study Loans for Abroad 

The citizens of the US who want to study abroad are welcome to get this loan which delivers funds directly to the hosted university. This is a particular, alternative loan that gives an increased amount of loan limits to cover the cost of school abroad, so borrowers can apply for up to the total cost of attendance minus any other aid earned.

Personal Loans For Studying Internationally

Being the first lender to provide support to international students for their expenses, Boro secures low-interest auto and personal loans to international students in the U.S. Unlike most credit companies, a social security number or a cosigner does not affect your application. Boro’s goal is that everyone is allowed good value and makes it possible for international students to take out a loan and begin stabilizing good credit. If you are interested in learning more about obtaining a personal or auto loan, Boro may be the best option for you to look at.

How Will You Benefit? 

The details of this article are mainly focused on how you can prefer a scholarship over a loan and pick the right lender for the loan otherwise. The criteria for making the right decision have been mentioned above, hope will help you out majorly. Read the article carefully and do what suits you the best.

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