Kitchen Remodeling

Who doesn’t like to have a glistening clean kitchen that has all the modern amenities? Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a house and rightly so, it is where most families unite these days.Kitchen remodeling is not an easy task and may require a major outflow of resources, time, and can be a really frustrating task particularly if you don’t know what you’re doing.Depending on the type of kitchen remodeling project you’re undertaking, your costs can vary between a few thousand dollars and can touch the hundred thousand mark before you realize it's too late.This guide will help you understand the basics of kitchen remodeling and will help you plan your kitchen out in advance so that you don’t get any surprises during the actual remodeling phase.

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What to Know Before Doing a Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen designs were simple back in the day with the corridor model being the most popular design choice but with the ever-shrinking spaces, the modern kitchen prefers function over form and makes no compromises when it comes to practicality.

Whatever you decide, you’ll need to consider that civil work can require prior approval from relevant authorities. For most states, any changes done to the plumbing or electrical circuitry of a space can require prior approvals. 

Planning Out the Remodeling

Even if you’ve seen some really exotic kitchens and added them to your bucket list, our suggestion is that you should stick to the practicality and make no compromises on the functional aspect of your kitchen.

  • One-Wall Design
  • Corridor Design
  • L-Shape Design
  • Double-L Design
  • U-Shape Design

Not sure about any of these? There are a few excellent free home design softwares and websites that you can use.

Websites and Resources for Planning the Perfect Kitchen

You can use the following resources which will allow you to see a 3D sketch of the kitchen layout of your choice so you can weigh the practicality and feasibility of a particular design. 

  1. Kitchen Planner online

The perfect website optimised for kitchen designs. You don’t need to download a graphics intensive software as all rendering is done online. 

If you’re looking for free floor plans then kitchen planner is an excellent tool. 

  1. RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher presents the perfect solution for people looking to plan the look and feel of their home. The online designing tool help you design the perfect kitchen in no time. 

You can select from sample designs or get your own design from scratch. 

  1. Planner 5D 

Planner 5D is a complete solution to online designing needs of anyone looking to renovate their kitchen or build from scratch. 

  1. Lowe’s Kitchen

Lowe’s kitchen planning tool is another great option as it has the most popular kitchen designs that are both functional and aesthetic. You get the freedom of choosing the perfect color scheme and can even put in your existing design to compare with the new one. 

  1. IKEA

IKEA has perfected an excellent design tool that renders your kitchen design in 3D in real time. You get the choice of trying fixtures and fittings available at IKEA and can make the perfect design online free of charge. 

Budget and Costs

Your kitchen project can cost anywhere between a few thousands and the costs can spike up to hundreds of thousands depending on the type of materials you use and the amount of civil work involved.

If you’re planning to extend your kitchen and are thinking of moving walls around that require professional services then your budget can easily go over $50000. Even the most inexpensive kitchen sink can set you back a few thousands.

It is suggested to keep at least $50000-$150000 budget in mind before undertaking a kitchen project.

DIY Tips

Remodeling a kitchen is generally easier than creating one from scratch. Whether you decide to remodel yours or build from scratch, a kitchen has more DIY options than any other room. 

You can work on the wood cabinets or install the countertops yourself but most plumbing and electric work require a registered technician. 

The requirement is legal and cannot be bypassed and we suggest that you hire external help for the same. 

Even if you decide to do it on your own, there are a few things that you can’t do. We’ll go through each step so you can decide on each if you have the skillset to perform the task at hand or not. 

Kitchen Remodeling; Hiring a Contractor or DIY?

There are a number of variations you could try when it comes to remodeling your own kitchen. While hiring a General contractor might prove effective, it can be a very costly option. 

Doing the work on your own is also an option if you know your way around power tools, but if you’re not a professional, the work quality can be highly compromised. If you can do the effort and are not a thorough professional we suggest using a mix of two.

The best way forward would be to know your way around things and supervise the project yourself. This can reduce as much as 20% of the cost and will allow you to make amends while the kitchen is being remodeled. 

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Where to Start?

If you’re remodeling for the first time, you’d be confused about how to proceed with the remodeling project. Here is a complete workflow that will assist you in getting the best out of the remodeling experience.

Seeking Relevant Building Permits

If you’re planning a major remodel where the plumbing and electrical work needs to be updated, chances are you’d need a building permit from the local authorities before you can proceed.

Prepare Your Home

The kitchen is a key place for your home and not having a kitchen available means you’d have to fix your meals in some other room. Although it might just be for a few days, it can be a big inconvenience.

You’ll need to move your cooking ware to some other room and arrange for a clear workspace so that you or your contractor can work freely and get the job done in the best possible manner.

Kitchen Demolition

With everything in place and plans on the table, you’ll need to start with the demolition and the removal of old appliances and fittings. If you’re planning for a complete remodel where the previous equipment is not going to be used, then you can do this yourself.

A DIY demolition can save a lot of costs that go into the project but care must be taken while removing any such equipment that can be reused.

Starting the New Kitchen

The new kitchen design kicks off with the new framing work that your cabinets and other equipment would rest on.

The Duct Work

This is an important process as a kitchen generally needs HVAC ventilation, electrical ducts, and these generally require a professional contractor or a licensed technician.

If you’re remodeling the whole thing, then you’ll have to get the plumbing, electrical work, and airflow pipes all reorganized to suit the needs of your newly planned kitchen.

All these works require different skill sets and may require an inspector to visit the site and approve certain aspects before the work can progress.

Walls and Ceilings

Once your ductwork is complete, you can get the exterior walls insulated with fiberglass batt followed by drywall. Any seams or imperfections would be taken care of at this stage and you can proceed with getting the walls and ceilings painted.

This work does not require much expertise and can be a DIY project.

Install Flooring

Before finishing the look and feel of the kitchen you need to install appropriate flooring. Popular material choices include:

  • Sheet vinyl
  • Ceramic tile
  • Engineered wood
  • Laminate flooring
  • Solid hardwood

All these options have different associated costs and durability. You can select the one that best suits your needs.

Cabinets and Countertops

Your cabinets and countertops will be the first thing that catches attention when someone walks into the kitchen. This is one aspect of the kitchen building that is best left to the professionals.

Countertops can be made out of different materials and can require a lot of professional work before they can be shaped and installed into place.

As for the countertops, a DIY is not recommended unless you are a certified carpenter yourself. This is because different materials require a varying degree of knowledge and experience to craft perfectly.

Fixtures and Fittings

Here comes the fun part, decorating your new structure with the right appliances, fixtures, and fittings. These add life to your new kitchen and can make or break the whole experience, so be sure to take ample time and thought in deciding these.

Inspection and Completion

Like any civil work, you’ll need to seek a certificate of approval from the concerned inspector that will ensure that all work is according to the approved standards. Once the paperwork and approval are in place, your kitchen is ready for use!


Kitchen remodeling can be an oddly satisfying experience that won’t just add to the look and feel of your home but will make it much more functional and appealing. With the right design, you can maximize utility and make those family get-togethers much more fun.

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