House Maids. A Quick Survey of What’s Important to Find in a Cleaning Lady

A clean house provides us with a sense of security and comfort. We leave no stone unturned to keep the environment of our house healthy and organized.Despite all the efforts, we sometimes can't get our desired results. It's usually because either we get busy in our jobs or simply get too lazy on weekends. You can't leave your house unattended nonetheless, so the only solution is to hire a cleaning lady.Cleaning ladies or maids make your life easier by taking care of your house. They can carry out typical household chores like cleaning the floors, windows, furniture, ceilings, laundry, and grocery shopping for you while you rest on your comfy couch.

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Important things to look out for while hiring a housemaid

Hiring housemaids is a luxury.  But before hiring a maid, you must know some important things which may help you in the near future. So without further ado let’s take a look at what’s important to find in a cleaning lady:

Basic Skills

Basic skills are one of the most important requirements of a housemaid as they can considerably affect their quality of service. Housemaids should be able to clean the house thoroughly as per the owners’ demands.

They should remember to place the things right at their actual place after misplacing them while cleaning. Good communication and time management skills are plus points.

Reliability and Trust

Housemaids should be reliable and trustworthy. Hiring maids from an agency is the most secure option. However, if you are hiring a maid independently make sure to run a thorough background check on her to avoid any complications in the future.

Responsible and Attentive

Cleaning ladies should be responsible and attentive. Your cleaning lady should be able to clean and tidy your house according to the general cleaning and health standards.

She should be able to pay special attention to details like minor damages to property and furniture and inform the owner about them.

From organizing the grocery in your kitchen to scouring the floors and windows, she must give her all to clean every corner of the house to leave it spotless and dust-free. 

Honest and Regular 

Honesty is the key to a trustworthy mutual relationship. Without trust, relationships cease to exist.

Make sure that your and your maids’ reservations and demands are well communicated. Furthermore, time management is the fundamental skill needed by the housemaid to complete the cleaning on time. She must be regular and flexible with different times.

Respectful and Caring

Everyone wants a well-behaved and caring maid. She should always act and speak respectfully to the members of the house and make sure that the house owners’ expectations are fully met. Additionally, your cleaning lady should try not to invade the privacy of the residents. 

Ability to Handle Constructive Criticism

Not everyone is same and while you can be sweet and considerate most of the time, a change in tone can create a negative situation between your cleaning lady and yourself. Be sure to assess your cleaning lady as a person before assessing her as a cleaning lady.

Some days are tougher than the others, and it should be understood that when you voice a concern or put up a suggestion, your cleaning lady must accept it in a positive and constructive way instead of becoming defensive and rude. 

This quality is a must have not just for the cleaning lady but for homeowners as well. 

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How to work with your cleaning lady?

The way you treat your housemaids and helpers determines the kind of relationship you have with them. Respect is a matter of giving and taking. If you are caring and humble to them, they will return your courtesy with exceptional service.

Here are some of the tips to build a two-way relationship with your maid:

1) People usually consider housemaids as their subservient but treating them with courtesy and politeness is indeed a notable point to earning loyalty from them.

2) Treating and talking to them politely is also a great way to build a good relationship between you and your cleaning lady.

3) In this present era of networks and technology, people have forgotten to share and talk about their life with others but sharing your thoughts, burdens and being friendly to others is a scientifically proven way to get a comfortable and healthy life.

Taking this in regard, housemaids are not inferior to any human thus considering them as a part of your family can prove to be successful in having a victorious experience of hiring a cleaning lady.

4) Not only by giving respect to them can put up a great relationship between you and your housemaid, but mutual respect is also a not to be forgotten point for a prosperous and healthy environment in your house.

5) Having a cleaning lady is indeed a big responsibility. To maintain an ever-lasting two-way alliance with them, encouraging them to do their best is with no doubt a plus point.

Degrading them and making them constantly regret their mistakes is surely no way to have a better bond. So, encouraging them helps them to be confident in their doings which can result in good output.

6) Hiring a cleaning lady is no doubt effective and helpful but doing some of your own work in your house is good to have a healthy lifestyle. Thus, not burdening or overworking your cleaning lady results in an efficient working capability.

Burdening her with work can cause her to neglect her responsibilities or leave the job consequently.


Managing a whole house by yourself can be very exhausting. But if you are able to afford a cleaning lady then there is nothing to worry about.

A cleaning lady can do all the cleaning, organizing, and other chores for you while you can give attention to your family members and job. Through this article, you got to know about all the important things you need to look for in a house help and tips to build a stronger relationship with them.

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