Hepatitis C: Common Signs & Symptoms Some May Easily Ignore

When it comes to checking on your health, people shouldn't show reluctance at any cost. Also, be it a light headache or an afflicting gastrointestinal tract disorder, you all need to be cautious and take extra care beforehand.Despite the increasing number of diseases and death rates, people easily ignore the symptoms of medical problems. But, we must say, abnormal signs should not be overlooked no matter how small or light they are.But unfortunately, patients with hepatitis C ignore their symptoms and gradually increase the complexity of their disease. However, hepatitis is a primary liver problem with several vital signs. Also, it continues for many years and can cause other significant complications. Hence, patients should be careful and regularly treat themselves in the best way possible.In this article, we have gathered the main symptoms and signs that people usually ignore in Hepatitis C, but definitely shouldn’t. Read on to know more about this liver-damaging disease.

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What is Hepatitis C?

The term hepatitis refers to the inflammation of the liver. The liver is one of the main organs in a living body and has many functions, including processing the blood, ridding the organism from harmful substances, breaking down the nutrients, etc. 

When the liver is inflamed, it doesn’t work properly, and its damage can be caused by medications, regular use of alcohol, toxins, and certain medical conditions. Furthermore, hepatitis A and B are also diseases to watch for, and they are caused by different viruses.

While Hepatitis C begins as a short-term infection, it can range from a mild illness lasting several days to a serious and complicated long-term medical problem. Moreover, it can be transmitted from person to person through high-risk sexual behavior, use of drug contaminated needles, blood transfusion, organ transplant, sharing personal care items, etc. 

Hepatitis C can be classified into two types. 

Acute hepatitis C is a short-term illness that occurs after 3-4 months when exposed to the (HCV) hepatitis C virus. Further acute hepatitis C leads to cancers and chronic infection. 

Suppose you don’t treat acute hepatitis C on time with the best medicines and remedies, then you may likely have cirrhosis. In this condition, scarring of the liver occurs, which leads to death. Furthermore, except for a liver transplant, there is no alternative to treat cirrhosis.

The common signs include:

  1. Flu-Like Symptoms,
  2. Tiredness
  3. High Temperature
  4. Aches and Pains
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Abdominal pain
  7. Jaundice

The second type, chronic hepatitis C, can be a long-term infection if not treated on time. Chronic hepatitis C can cause serious health issues such as liver cancer, liver damage, scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), and even death. The most common symptoms are:

  1. Mental confusion (Often Called ‘Brain Fog’) 
  2. Depression 
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Nausea, vomiting, or belly  pain
  5. Dark urine 
  6.  Jaundice
  7. Itchy skin
  8. Feeling bloated
  9. Joint and muscle pain

Common Signs & Symptoms Some May Easily Ignore

Hepatitis C is a sneaky virus, and people who are exposed to the hepatitis C virus (HPV) lead to acute hepatitis C without even knowing. That’s the reason people usually don’t notice the symptoms and understand they are associated with a serious infection in the liver. 

Also, signs usually show up between 2 and 12 weeks after exposure to the virus. Here we have discussed some mild symptoms that not everyone experiences or, you can say, most people ignore.

Loss of Appetite

When you don’t desire to eat as you used to do, then you must visit your doctor. Loss of appetite is the most ignored symptom in hepatitis C. Poor nutrition further leads to severe body weakness and causes significant problems. Book your doctor’s appointment now!Dark Yellow Urine

We know that dehydration also changes the usual straw to yellow color into dark yellow. Nevertheless, it is not always about taking the right quantity of water. So, people should not misunderstand this symptom and ignore thinking that it’s just dehydration!

Because patients with acute hepatitis C also experience dark yellow urine. However, it doesn’t occur in the initial days or just after exposure to HVC. The urine takes a few months to appear in deep dark yellow color. 

Joint Pain

Having severe aches in joints is not only associated with age-related problems or arthritis, even though it can be experienced by those having acute hepatitis C. 

Moreover, people infected with HCV also feel abdominal pain and are at increased risk of developing rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and other conditions that result from inflammation in the joints. 

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Nausea and Vomiting 

You may have experienced nausea and vomiting before in other medical illnesses; therefore, you might take it lightly in hepatitis C. However, these gastrointestinal abnormalities are not inevitable.

You must meet your doctor before it gets too complicated. Also, patients experience this condition in tandem with other symptoms.


If you stay exhausted all day and your tiredness doesn’t go even after sleeping for hours, then it’s has become a serious matter. Patients with chronic hepatitis C experience fatigue and lack of energy, which then become challenging and difficult to deal with.


Hepatitis C virus affects the bilirubin, a waste material present in the blood. In this condition, the levels of bilirubin are varied and change the skin color into yellow.

Also, the whites of the eye gain yellow color. Changing body color in yellow is termed jaundice which is a common sign that occurs in hepatitis C patients.


There are uncountable afflicting medical problems and illnesses. Some medical issues have severe and strong symptoms, whereas a great number of diseases don’t show any signs at all. However, be it a pain writhing symptoms or light signs, you all need to be careful about yourselves as life is the irreplaceable gift from God.

It’s heard and seen that people with acute hepatitis C often ignore the signs. Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by a blood-borne virus. As a result, they face significant health complications.

So, to make people aware, we have rounded up some common signs and signs that people may ignore in hepatitis C.

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