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Garden offices have always been around but became the hottest trend again with the COVID-19 lockdowns when people saw the need for a dedicated workspace that was away from the usual distractions of the home.Your unused garden space can be the perfect space to house your garden office, which provides you with a serene space for work, and truth be told, these look extremely classy and can also add to the value of your home.So, how to find the best garden house that checks all the boxes while also being affordable?

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How To Find the Best And Cheapest Garden Offices?

Before finding the best garden office for your home, you must understand that garden houses come in all shapes and sizes. They cater to the different needs of different individuals. Some people want their garden office to double as a gym in the evening, while others want to take a more social approach and may use the little space to hang out with friends away from the noises of the home.

Thanks to the internet you can actually get countless garden office ideas and implement them in the best possible manner. There are a ton of vendors in the UK and it’s probably best to find the one nearest to your location as the shipping costs can be enormous.

Of the top Garden office providers, there are some that stand out the most. These include:

  • Wickes
  • Garden Buildings 
  • The Garden Office 
  • The Dunster House

But if you’re looking to save some money, these won’t be the most cost-effective choices. You can follow the link in red above to get the best deals that will suit your needs.

What There Is to Consider?

The costs associated with having a garden office largely depend on the material choice and the type of office you’re going for. Just like with homes you can actually spend thousands on just decorating yourself with the right gadgets and furniture.

For starters, the number of layers of insulation that your garden office has can affect the price a lot. Don’t be fooled by anyone that says that you won’t be needing insulation, as the rising temperatures mean that you’ll definitely be needing it. 

Insulation isn’t just effective against the sun, snow can also make your garden office uncomfortably cold. Having insulation ensures you’re protected whether it’s summers or winters. 

Moreover, if you’re going to use the garden office without hooking it up to the national grid, you can opt for a design that incorporates solar panels. Not only can the solar panels power your garden office, they can store enough power to power your home in the evening.

You’ll also need to have good security around your garden office as it goes without saying that your office will have expensive equipment and you definitely won’t be in your office all the time. While security measures can drive up costs, the benefits are worth it.

Decking choice is another important thing that you need to consider. While some people like the wooden decking it can prove very costly and difficult to maintain. Both softwood and hardwood floors need periodic maintenance.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood and you have to make a lot of video calls, you can consider investing in carpets that act as a great insulator and can also muffle sounds for a great calling experience that will leave a good impression on your colleagues.

Water channels are another prudent decision that will help keep your garden office in good shape. Any rainwater will just flow down the sewer ensuring that the water doesn’t cause any damage to your precious garden office or any of the equipment inside.

All of these options can actually drive up the cost but are worth considering depending on the type of garden office you choose and your location. 

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Advantages of Having a Garden Office

There are a ton of advantages to having a garden office. We’ll discuss the top ones that will definitely change your opinion about them. The top ones include:

No Travel Expenses

Your office is literally in your backyard, and if the rising fuel prices are denting your survival on a limited budget, a garden office will cut down the expenses of commutation.

More Family Time

You’re just a minute out from all the action, so you don’t need to worry about your baby’s first footstep or the family meals. Having a garden office makes life much more enjoyable.

Professional Look and Feel

Having a dedicated office space that is away from the daily home routine is nothing short of a blessing. Not only will you appear more professional to your work colleagues or boss, but can also attract a lot of interest if you’re looking to be a freelancer.

Striking the Work-Life Balance

Sadly, while the pandemic redefined ways of working the fine line between work and personal life is becoming more and more blurry. Having a garden office means you can work effortlessly and don’t have to carry work to your ‘home’.

Cost Effective

Not only would you be saving on the fuel costs, not going out means you can save money on your morning coffee, your dressing, and even your haircut. We definitely don’t suggest being miserly and not spending, but it’s always nice to have a little cash in your pocket.

Disadvantages of Having a Garden Office

Having a garden office can improve your quality of life in so many ways that the only downside to having one is the initial investment. But in our opinion, garden houses are worth the investment considering the important changes they bring to your everyday life while also improving your standard of living.


A garden room is nothing new and people used to have them back in the day. They were used as a make-shift gym, or a storeroom, but the recent trend of using a garden room as an office is perhaps the most productive thing.

Not only does it help strike the perfect work-personal life balance, but also helps in boosting productivity thanks to the distraction-free space. So which kind of garden office fascinates you?

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