Planning a vacation with your family and friends can be a little overwhelming. If you are looking for an exclusive vacation and love sailing then cruising is a right option for you.Among so many choices, opting for a right cruise line for yourself can be a little bit confusing. You need to put some careful thought into what kind of a traveler you are (Foodie? Adventurer? Night owl?) and which type of cruise vacation is best for you keeping the following points under consideration:

  • Budget
  • Departure port
  • Length of the trip
So, how do you figure out which cruise line best suits your needs and interests. You can always ask a travel agent for some advice -- or simply read through our handy shortlist of the very best cruise lines in USA and Europe.

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Types of Cruises

Just like travel can be for unlimited different reasons, cruises too can be for different reasons. You can just take one for leisure, or to explore some engineering marvel like Panama. 

The opportunities are endless but here are a few top types of cruises that you can add to your bucket list:

1. Weekend Cruise

Sail into the sea for a weekend to let off that extra work stress and relax with the family. Weekend cruises have all the options you would need to relax over the weekend.

2. Holiday Cruise

Planning a holiday? There’s nothing more romantic and satisfying than a holiday cruise that takes you around the world. If you don’t want to sail across the globe, there are some excellent holiday cruises between US and Europe.

3. Panama Canal Cruise 

The cruise of a lifetime, Panama Canal cruises take you around the engineering marvel of Panama and let you enjoy the surrounding beauty and the thin streams around your cruise make the experience more breathtaking than ever.

4. Tropical Cruise

Experience the best beaches in the Caribbean and explore the islands around the scenic waters with tropical cruises.

5. Repositioning Cruise

What is better than a weekend cruise? Well, we’d say cruise for a fortnight and that too in transatlantic or pacific waters. You would never forget such an experience with exotic dining restaurants, spas, salons, and much more.

Planning for Your Cruise

Depending on the type of cruise you’re opting for, you might want to pack ahead and plan your adventure. 

Weekend cruises might just require a simple bag with enough supplies to last 2 days but a repositing cruise requires you to plan a fortnight and you should include enough clothes to make it through the fortnight.

What’s best about the cruise is that you’re basically sailing in a city over the water and chances are even if you forgot to take something along, you’ll find that thing at a shop onboard.

But, depending on the unseen would be a folly and we suggest that you pack your sunscreen, clothes, appropriate shoes, gadget chargers, a backpack for beach adventures and CASH, yes you read it right, you’ll need loads of cash particularly if you’re traveling away from land where payment machines refuse to work.

So now that you’ve packed your bags, let’s head towards the most popular cruises around.

1. Carnival Cruise Line

Best for: Value hunters

Why:  If you want a super fun cruise vacation and  don’t want your pockets to be wiped out at the same time then Carnival Cruise Line is what you should go for. They have a reasonable price of  $80 per person, per night.

With simple cabins and free dining you can enjoy your free time with all your might. At Serenity Adult Only Retreat, you can drink, read your favourite novel or reconnect with your partner. Punchliner Comedy Club shows are also a good source of recreation.

2. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Best for: Luxury seekers

Why: Regent Seven Seas is arguably the most inclusive and luxurious cruise line in the whole world. If you want a grandeur vacation then they provide best suites with balconies, special food menus and cruise tours. The ships carry 490 to 759 passengers and are spacious enough to ensure your comfort. 

If you are looking for a fine signature touch in your cruise vacation then Regent Seven Cruise line best meets your requirements..

3. Disney Cruise Line

Best for: Families with small children.

Why: Disney cruise line really gets what parents and small children need on vacations. They offer fine dining with childcare services. They have a disney theme for their passengers which makes it different from others. from entertainment and dining to childcare.

It has a disney theme which makes it rare in its niche. It dispenses nurseries for little sailors up to 3 years old and has a water-play area available for them. The cruise line entertains the youngsters and kids by arranging special events. 

4. Holland America Line

Best for: Singles

Why: Holland America Line caters to solo travelers via its Single Partners Program, which includes hosted parties, singles-themed cocktails, games and sports. The fine sophisticated dining is also a plus point. Its fleet sails to all seven continents.

The line also groups singles together for dining (on request), and on sailings of 40 days or longer, and even provides special gentlemen hosts to accompany single women to dinner or on the dance floor. Two HAL ships, The Koningsdam and Prinsendam also offer a facility of solo cruise cabins.

5. Lindblad Expeditions

Best for: Adventurers

Why: Lindblad plans routes in the Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos, Amazon and other less-mainstream cruise destinations. On its polar voyages, passengers sail aboard an ice-class vessel that easily slips through frozen passageways populated with polar bears and other arctic animals.

 On all voyages, passengers can expect to share in the expertise of National Geographic photographers (or Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructors) and undersea specialists, providing a steady stream of eco-insights and information.

For closer views, the cruise line equips its ships with Zodiacs, sea kayaks and underwater cameras.  

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Where To Find The Best Cruises?

We have listed down the best cruise experiences for you and you can head over to the official websites of these cruises to start your dream trip right away. If you want to compare different cruises in one spot then you can look at the options below:

Expedia has been the king of booking travel destinations and trips for quite some time. You can simply head over to the cruises section of their website and book a once in a lifetime experience with them.

Where offers all kinds of booking experiences and quality travel, excels in cruises. It is a specifically built platform that hosts the top cruise destinations and also brings some excellent discounts from the vendors.


Now that you know all about the best cruises in the USA and Europe you must be able to decide the best one for yourself and the people you love.

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