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The pandemic lockdowns across 2020 and 2021 forced our roads empty and the aftermath unfortunately brought the silicon shortage that has either halted production or driven up the prices of those that are available.Car prices have gone up by more than 20% in different regions but sometimes setbacks also present unique opportunities. Where we were all locked up inside, the assembly lines are not that flexible and had a ton of vehicles delivered to dealerships that couldn’t find a buyer.A car can be worth 3 times your annual earnings and such a decision must be taken after considering all the factors. Spending an inflated 20% extra on a car is not a prudent decision.Thankfully, you can find perfect crossovers manufactured in 2019 and 2020 that have collected dust at the dealerships but are in immaculate condition. Opting for unused crossover vehicles won’t just save money but will ensure good resale value as well.Here’s everything you need to know for selecting the right unused crossover vehicle.

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Consider the Costs

Owning a vehicle is not cheap and while you might be paying in partial payments, the cost of a vehicle can be a huge part of your earnings. Crossovers are the preferred type of vehicle for most Americans thanks to their cabin space.

But crossovers come with a trade-off, they can be a bit costly to maintain when compared to their sedan counterparts. That’s due to the bulky design and added cargo space.

Thankfully, you can set-off the high cost with an unused crossover vehicle that couldn’t be sold due to the economic and physical lockdown.

Improvise and Choose

You need to prepare your mind to give up on some features and welcome some others that you may not want as used cars don’t offer the luxury of cherry-picking your favorite features.

You have to settle for what the dealership ordered. While you might think this is a drawback, you can sometimes get some advanced features at fraction of the original cost just because the dealership wants to clear the inventory.

You can also bargain with the dealership when it comes to the price as some advanced features usually don’t age well.

Where To Find Unused Cars 

It is important to know that dealership can’t hold onto a vehicle for longer than 90 days because of the increased cost of parking and the waning interest of the buyers. 

To get the best value for their investments dealerships tend to sell unused unsold cars to foreign rental businesses or organizations that need cars in bulk. These organizations buy these cars close to their invoice price.

This practice in the industry makes it hard to find unsold vehicles, but thankfully chances like this are less for crossovers as this practice is more common in the sedan segment.

The best bet when it comes to finding unused crossover vehicles is visiting the local dealerships as finding one across the state would actually be counterproductive because of the high cost of transportation across the state.

If you don’t feel like going from dealership to dealership and would like to browse through the listings online, some dealerships also place ads for their unsold, unused crossover cars and other vehicles on popular online platforms.

Top Platforms For Unused Crossover 

If you’re not willing to go out and find your preferred crossover car, there are a few websites that host ads from dealerships.

Sometimes some investors buy the cars from the dealerships and then resell them to buyers. These investors either have private garages or you can find their listing on popular platforms as well.

Here are some good options for to find the unused, unsold crossover cars.

  • Autotrader
  • CarGurus
  • Kelley Blue Book
  • CarsDirect
  • eBay Motors

There are thousands of other websites as well that cater to the needs of local buyers and can help connect prospective buyers with sellers. Some of these platforms offer the convenience of filtering out the listings based on your preferences.

Platforms like Craigslist are not specific to cars and can have some irrelevant things as well because the filters are not very effective. As for and Autotrader, you get an excellent experience where you can even fine-tune the radius of your search.

This allows you to find better vehicles if your local space doesn’t have good options available. Even if the car is a few hundred miles away, the savings can hugely outweigh the cost of bringing the car back home.

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Which Crossover Were Sold The Least In 2019 and 2020

There is no set statistic available for the whole industry but Ford Escape, Dodge Journey, Volkswagen Atlas, and Nissan Kicks saw the greatest drop in sales over the past 2 years and you can expect to see these around a lot when you set out to find your favorite one.

Can you get Unused Crossovers Financed

The simple answer is yes, you can get your favorite crossover vehicle financed but because the car might be a year or two old, the insurance cost and premium might go up. This is because the recent ones attract cheaper insurance premiums.

Getting your favorite vehicle financed can be a bit tricky in these post pandemic times due to the increased risk factor in the economy. While getting the car financed will spread the total payment over a number of years, paying in cash can be even more profitable.

People seeking cash payments are usually ready to decrease the price even further as they’re getting prompt payment and don’t have to go through the hassle of documentation.


Saving thousands of dollars on your favorite crossover car is definitely something you should never give up. The cost of owing a crossover vehicle can be a bit higher than comparable sedans but if you find the right deal, you can save on the upfront price.

We suggest visiting the local dealerships for the best price and experience but if you want to find one online or if your local dealerships don’t have an unused one in stock, then the options discussed above can help you out.

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